A Blog is basically an on-line newsletter and a fantastic way to engage with your audience. Whether they be prospects, clients, members or patients you can employ a journalistic style to tell your corporate or organisational story in a different way.

It is a way of telling clients who buy ‘X’ from you, that you have ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ to offer as well. It’s a fabulous way of ‘showing your human side’ - adding personality to perfect that all important pitch.

Don’t waste your valuable time on it though. We do the research; create the style; write and manage the blogosphere; and build your blog into your CRM.

Our Yesterday is part of Finerday, a secure online ‘experience-sharing’ site, accessible by grandparents wanting to keep up with the i-kids. Our Yesterday is especially created for dementia sufferers and is enjoyed in private, NHS and Local Authority care homes across the country.
We write an ‘on this day’ twice weekly, researching and stylising stories to help stimulate memories. Sometimes hard work can be such a pleasure.